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The Marche Saint Pierre is fabric heaven. Literally. Nestled at the foot of the Sacre Coeur in bohemian Paris, the trip there is an outing in itself, but as I enter this 19th century, five-storey building, I have to pinch myself to believe this actually exists. A man operating a goods lift takes me up and down each floor dedicated to specific types of material, from bargain to designer, featherweight silks to heavy upholstery fabric. A herd of knowledgeable and well-mannered assistants are eagerly awaiting my command, as I browse, um and ah, calculate widths by lengths by euro, and helplessly watch my brain and heart fight. A word of warning: this Alibaba's cave, laden with textile, original wooden floors, staircases and counters can seriously affect your sanity!

After a couple of hours lost in this technicolour dream, rendered centime-less and crumbling under the weight, I emerge with two huge bags pulling heavily on my shoulders as the trip home promises to be rather painful. Note to self: must take a shopping trolley next time. I certainly would have liked to have purchased a lot more, still, I feel high and content.

Marche St Pierre

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Here is a peak at some of the gorgeous cloth I brought back. I absolutely fell in love with this colourful hand-printed cogs pattern on heavy cotton. I can't wait to put it, er... everywhere, got lots of it.

Cogs Fabric 3

Cogs Fabric 1

Some cheap and cheerful lightweight cotton for Zak's bedroom cushions. Some raw linen as well, always useful:

Camo Fabric 2

Camo Fabric 1

This midweight floral print arose my senses with its candid and colourful design, and its almost shimmering appearance:

Floral Fabric

I love this playful Mexican motif, which will be perfect for some small chairs that have been awaiting my attention:

Mexican Fabric

Heart With Wings Detail

Skull Detail

To top it all up, I received this pair of tailors' shears from my in-laws at Christmas, which will make dealing with these beauties much easier. Yes! They are left-hand scissors, my first ever pair. Might I cut straight and with ease from now on?...

Left Hand Scissors

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