Rock'n'roll glamour

I recently played a gig with my band which was a great human experience. Sharing music with like-minded people is so magical, it creates an instant social bond between individuals with similar dispositions and tastes. And that got me thinking about how we use our interiors to reflect our personality. So if like me, you're a free spirit with a penchant for decadence, Rock'n'roll glam might be the style for you. Close in concept to the boho interior with its laid-back and eclectic approach, this style adds edginess and glamour. Here are 5 ways to achieve the look:

1- A sprinkle of curios

Leather, fur, animal prints will provide your home with the wild factor and lots of warm textures. Layering the space with faux crocodile-skin wallpaper, faux dear skulls and sheepskin rugs creates a cool vibe. Atmospheric dark hues make the room moody and sultry.

Fiona Ellis

Fiona Ellis

2- A dash of metallics

Metallics are, in my opinion, essential to any interior. They bring sparkle, reflect the light, and are the obvious contrast to textures and fabrics. And of course, precious metals are synonyms of glamour. Avoid over-doing the bling and drizzle just the right amount to get stylish glam. A gold skull will make a statement and give even the most classic interior some edge.

flowers and skull


3- Break the rules

Re-thinking your space can help you achieve a conversational look. Try moving your bed to the centre of the room to showcase your free-spirit. Or why not dare a pattern on your ceiling to achieve a dramatic effect. Leopard print in the kitchen? LOVE.

leopard print ceiling

Fiona Ellis

4- Create a cosy corner

A cosy spot with plenty of seating is a must-have for any socialite. Layers of texture and soft lighting such as candles and table lamps will prompt the wildest get-togethers. A mix of modern and classic pieces create instant effortless chic.

Sera Hersham-Loftus

Sera Hersham-Loftus

5- A musical note

Musical instruments are ultimate symbols of rock stardom and provide instant cool with their sensual shapes and vivid colours. Hang a guitar on the wall or simply rest against the sofa. Turn a drum into a side table. You can't go wrong here. You will also need a display of your favourite rock icons or gig posters on the wall. And if eclectic is not your thing, this ultra-slick penthouse apartment is a punk rocker's dream.

Watermark tower - Kari Whitman

Kari Whitman



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