Boy's Bedroom - Part 1

Time has finally come! Having made the lower ground floor of our house livable - even though there is hell of a lot left to do! - I am moving up to the bedrooms. I have just spent two rather boring weeks painting our new windows and shutters (boring because I did nothing else as the fitter is booked and the deadline is tight), so starting on our son Zak's bedroom restores the spark. Like any seven-year-olds, Zak goes through phases, sometimes several at the same time, so it can be hard to pinpoint what he really wants. But when I asked him what he wanted his bedroom to look like just a couple of months ago, he cried "Star Wars!". That didn't surprise me. Zak has been literally obsessed with Star Wars for over a year now. This is obviously not a phase.

So I casually started to plan out his room, collecting ideas and building a mood board. He was particularly adamant about one thing: his walls. They would be yellow, blue, white and black. Hmm, this was going to be trickier than I thought... But I eventually figured out how I would go about this rather bold brief. We had the new windows fitted and some plastering done last week, so now the decoration can take place.

Over the weekend, Zak, however, announced he was going to have a soldier's room after all. Sigh. Never mind. To be honest, I think I prefer the sound of that. Not the fact that he likes wars and soldiers of course - this has to be quite the opposite of what I believe in - but the fact that I'm having to play with khakis, greys and an industrial look instead of futuristic white and polished surfaces! This means I can go with his brief, but also do something that not only I will like myself, but that also will last in time, as any camo and gimmicky items will easily be replaced in a few years time.

At the moment, his furniture is where we hurriedly plonked it when we moved in. His bed is arranged along the back wall, which leaves an awkward space at the end of it where there is a chimney breast and the wall goes in at an angle; the wardrobe is behind the door which stops it from opening wide and his desk faces a dark wall. Toys are EVERYWHERE...

So, this is the new furniture arrangement plan for his bedroom. This way, I am hoping for a better flow within the room and Zak will have organised storage for his toys. I still dream of a Lego magnet that would pick them all up at once... 

Zak room plan

Zak room 3d

Zak says that even though he has changed his mind, one idea remains: the yellow door. I think that yellow can become our accent colour, it's cheery and will cut through the monotony of the earthy greens in the room. Here is the 'Zak-approved' mood board:


Zak room moodboard


His bedroom furniture was a hand-me-down from his cousin when we moved to France into a large house, but the bed is now way too bulky for this small-ish space. Luckily, someone was giving away an IKEA pine bed on Freecycle which will work a lot better here. Zak won't let me get rid of his wardrobe though as he wants to pass it on to his children one day, aw, bless. But I relish the challenge of transforming it for our purpose, so it's fine by me. The plan is to add more shelving inside and populate it with toy boxes. His clothes can then be stored in a chest of draws a neighbour put out on the kerb recently. This too will undergo an army-themed revamp. I have already got in the house bit and bobs that will go with the style, all I'll need is some paint for the wall and furniture, a ceiling light, a rug, new bed linen and fabric for pillows and curtains. I can't wait to get stuck in.

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