Every year, in the UK alone, 300,000 tonnes decorex 2018of re-usable furniture end up in landfill. We live in a throwaway society where what we own defines us. So, after 15 years as an art editor on consumer magazines, I wanted to become pro-active in finding ways to promote sustainable lifestyles.

I'm Dominique Malacarne and I created Malphor. A business turning unwanted vintage furniture into coveted objects of design that define our interiors, our individuality and our beliefs. I help create timeless classics interiors layered with bohemian decadence and a zest of rock'n'roll.

My curiosity has kept me on a constant lookout for a new approach to design, to music, to life. I source inspiration just about everywhere: magazines, literature, travel, history, films, and of course social media. As a musician, music takes also a vital role in my life bringing excitement, extreme sensations and unexpected encounters. I draw from my experiences to bring glamour with a twist to my work. My style is a mixture of joy and sadness, flamboyance and darkness, ethics and rule-breaking.

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