Band artwork

I tend to concentrate my creative juices on home decor these days, but graphic design will always be a part of me. Being a member of an alternative band is not just about writing and performing music, it also entails creating visuals. As such, I suppose we are a micro art collective.

We stimulate each other to make videos, posters and artwork. I wanted to share the cover I created for the release of the band's music on Carvetii Productions. Based on John Everett Millais' masterpiece The Bridesmaid with of course the Malphor twist of 70s glam and psychedelia. 

Tood by Malphor - cassette artwork

And in the end, it becomes part of home decor. I love psychedelic poster art and think music posters make great wall hangings. But this is for another post where I'll be sharing my favourite pieces from the 70s front runners and today's new masters...

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