The Call of An Angel

Recently, there seems to be a recurrence of triple zeros in my life. I wake up at exactly midnight, slip into bed at 0:00am, that sort of thing. It had started to spook me out to say the least! Isn't it supposed to be the witching hour? Might it mean anything? I have never paid much attention to numerology, but I am fond of symbolism in art and find it interesting to read about symbols and their meanings.

I already knew that the number zero represents potentiality, eternity and infinity. By its circular shape, I suppose it can easily remind us of an egg, a cyclic phenomenon, a never-ending line. The beginning and the end all in one.

0.00 clock

But I found out that, in numerology, the zero is called an 'angel number'. When zero occurs to you, it is a call to tune into your intuition, the Universe, whatever you might call that Higher self, to find some answers. What of my triple zeros then, would that mean anything in particular? In the words of Joanne of Sacred Scribes: "000 is a reminder that you are one with the Universe. You are a powerful being with the ability to manifest all that you desire into your life. All that you say and do has an impact and effect, be it positive or negative, so ensure that your thoughts, beliefs and desires are of a positive nature as this is what you will draw into your life."

This numerology thing might only be a little harmless fun. Still, these are exciting times where I am connecting more and more with my intuition and this sense that I need to do what is right for me. This blog, this new direction I am embarking on, are a result of this. So I shall continue to focus on being present in the moment and I am more than willing to allow the Universe guide me into doing whatever it is I am supposed to do, with the confidence that is will have a positive impact on me and those around me! 

Do you have a number in your life?

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