Shopping therapy

Due to a shoulder injury, I'm having to wait for nature and doctors to do their thing. Physical work has to come to a halt, so a spot of window shopping is helping me beat those pain- and inactivity-induced blues. And here are five awesome finds I want to share with you. Some I might never be able to afford, but hey, it's cheering me up!


1- All in
This first item is definitely out of reach for many of us! With famous rock stars amongst her clients, Alexandra Llewellyn, maker of the most amazing game sets, is a cool cookie. This marquetry poker box is made from ebony, sycamore, and 3,000-year-old bog oak. The box contains two tiers of 500 custom clay poker chips, with marble and mother of pearl dealer buttons, and hiding secret compartments. Mind-blowing.

Alexandra Llewyn poker set


2- Rock on
This resin sculpture won't cost you an arm (sorry) and oozes attitude. Oops, I've just clicked 'Buy'. From Audenza.

Audenza rock on hand


3- Chill pill
I just love these Vice canisters from Jonathan Adler. Humorous design that seems to come straight out of 60s TV series The Prisoner. Perfect for the gluten intolerant to avoid confusion after the consumption of what might be in the smaller jars. Ha!

Vice canisters


4- Incense your senses
Serpents are represented as potent guardians of sacred spaces and make a sultry interiors motif reminiscent of the Art Nouveau period. With notes of pomegranate, pepper and spicy wood. Pure decadence. House of Hackney Serpentis Candle - Brass.

House of Hackney Serpentis candle


5- Girl power
This amazing wall art is signed by the incredibly talented Malleus Rock Lab artist collective. The triptych, representing the Moon, a feminine symbol in most cultures, the Earth, the symbol of protection and life, and the Sun, symbol of power and rebirth, makes the most fitting wall art to celebrate Woman. Simply stunning.

"Luna", "Terra" and "Sole". Hand pulled silkscreen with metal leaf gilding. 

Malleus Rock Lab

So as you can see, I'm in good hands. Next time, I'll share a homemade pampering treat recipe. Have a great weekend!


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