The Other German Chair

Remember the Habeo chair I rescued in a German street and covered in a psychedelic fabric? I had mentioned in the post 'The Rescued Habeo Chair' that it had a sister. Not a twin sister, not bearing a maker's name, but a chair with similar features and proportions that will work very well dressed in the same fabric. The fabric having a huge repeat pattern, however, the chair will look playfully different...

The Other German Chair

After undressing the chair, I find out that, although the spring unit is in working order, one of the metal attachment has snapped. By attaching two bands of webbing, the unit will be supported adequately, and I therefore don't need to replace it altogether.

Drop-in Seat Repair

After covering the springs with base hessian, I stitch some bridle ties, ready for new stuffing. I like to re-use stuffing wherever possible but, in this case, I'm afraid the coconut hair is way too manky and smelly, so it gets discarded.

Hessian and Bridle Ties

On with a generous amount of new grey hair.

Grey Hair Stuffing

I tack the new calico over the hair to secure it.


Then add a layer of polyester wadding for extra fluffiness and to stop any hair poking through. I like to use polyester wadding rather than cotton felt, whose wool layer tends to flatten more rapidly. But like anything, this is down to personal taste of course.


Finally, I fit the top cover.

Top Cover

I gave the wood the same treatment as the Habeo chair, that is sanding the old varnish, applying two coats of danish oil, followed by three coat of natural beeswax. 

Finished Chair

Look at this pair of lovelies!

Pair of Dining Chairs

Pair of Dining Chairs

Pair of Dining Chairs

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