5 minute no-sew bolster

I was going through my cupboards to see what I could use to style my child's bedroom when I came across this classic bolster and a desert scarf that I wasn't wearing anymore and I wondered if I could pair the two...

No-sew bolster

I laid the scarf flat with the tassles on either sides.

Take a desert scarf

I then placed the bolster at the top of the scarf and roll the fabric around.

Roll bolster in scarf

I cut a length of jute string to fasten the ends and achieve the industrial/army vibe my boy was after (see my guide to decorating a kid's room here and my post for a no-zip cushion here). You could use a silk scarf and some ribbon for a boudoir look.

A length of rope

rope ties

army cushion and bolster

Bed styling

bolster side view

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