My Christmas Wreath

Well, after having been too busy to think about Christmas, a virus has decided to come and inhabit me and I can't seem to be able to kick it out! So I had to give up any plans I had left to make homemade presents for my loved ones, pressed the 'buy' button of the internet, and put myself to bed with a hot-water bottle and a hot toddy. One thing I did manage to make is this quick and simple wreath for the front door...

Unfortunately, all I had a chance to do for Christmas is put up the tree and a few decorations, and to repair an old photo of my Mum for Dad - read 'Jingle Belle' here. I was feeling rather bad about being poorly, a mixture of feeling sorry for myself and guilt for not doing anything, so I thought I'd do just a little quick and easy something. I took an old wire coat hanger that I pulled into a circle and gathered a few left-over pine branches, a couple of pine cones, a golden ribbon and four plastic flowers.

Coat Hanger

Using garden ties I had in the shed, I tied small bunches together, ready to form the wreath.


I started fixing the bunches onto the hanger with the ties. Overlapping the bunches gives the wreath a fuller look and helps to hide the wire into the branches.

FixingThe Bunches

For decorations, I fixed two flowers and a pine cone on the top and bottom of the wreath, slightly off-centre. I then wrapped a three-part golden ribbon all around the wreath.

Gold Ribbon and Flowers

I hung it on the door using the hook from the coat hanger. Simple, quick, cost-effective, and very lush! What does yours look like? I hope you all have a lovely time at Christmas and that not too many of you catch a cold! Now, back to my cosy sofa and a hot cuppa...atchoo!

Front Door

Close Up

Side Close Up

Flowers and Pine Cone

Gold Ribbon

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