Put a shelf up!

4 easy steps - 

A shelf provides additional storage but can simply add some interest to an empty wall. As promised, here's a quick post showing how I put the shelves up in my boy's room - you can refer to how I made the shelves out of salvage wood here

Boy's room shelves

1 Screw the brackets onto the wood at an equal distance from the either edge.

Fixing the brackets onto the shelf

2 Hold the shelf up on the wall. Place a level on it to make sure it's straight and mark through the holes in the brackets with a pencil.

Straightening with a level

3 Drill pilot holes with a drill using a small bit (a hammer drill may be required if you're drilling through a masonry wall). Then drill with the required size drill bit.

Drilling pilot holes

4 Push the wall plugs in, hold the shelf up and insert the screws loosely - one on each side at first, to help with steadying the shelf. When all screws are about halfway in, tighten them up one by one. That's it, you're done!

Wall plugs

Shelves are up

TIP Dip the end of the screws in grease before screwing in. It will make tightening easier but also the removing at a later stage.

Tip: grease the screws

Study corner

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