Blue Bijou

I'm not a huge fan of blue. But this little cabinet asked me for Aubusson and I'm glad I listened. It started off as an uninspiring brown side table and I really didn't know what to do with it until a friend's exciting new tattoo gave me the urge to paint one of Lalique's jewellery designs on a blue background...

I have to apologise at this stage for the quality of the pictures as I only had an automatic camera to hand!

Here's the side table after a light sanding to allow the paint to get a good grip.

Two coats of Aubusson Blue and gold paint to highlight the details.


I trace the serpent motif with pencil.


I paint the outlines in gold.


 Finally filling in the scales details with a chalk paint palette of greens and blues.



 After leaving the motif to dry, I coat the whole thing with dark wax and buff. How sweet is this?Blue bijou main

Blue bijou serpent

Blue bijou top

Now in store.



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