Classic Bookshelf

A charming couple looked quite embarrassed presenting me with this old glass-fronted bookshelf as I get to the door. "Is it all right?" they ask. "Are you sure?" They had put an ad on Freecycle to see if anyone was willing to come and take the piece away. I suppose they couldn't see its potential with its water-damaged top and broken glass door. But I certainly could. Other than the missing glass, there is nothing much the matter with it, and moreover, it bears the perfect dimensions to fit the upstairs landing...


First things first, I take the beading off at the back of the door with the missing glass - this is what secures the glass in place. The beading is held by a few tiny nails, and once I have located them, I can insert a flat blade and lift the beading up slowly, then gently remove it (on two sides, one vertical, one horizontal). I measure a width of 375mm and a height of 460mm. Substracting 3mm to the height and to the width to allow for fitting, I order a 372mm by 457mm piece. I order a sheet of 2mm thick clear acrylic which will look like glass. It costs just three pounds from, and as I have a few other sheets to order (I have a broken art frame and the display cabinet I talked about here), shipping's free, so I'm quids in.

Removing Beading

Now I need to think about the finish I shall give the piece. Right now I am thinking paint... Black, matt paint... my favourite: ASCP in Graphite! I loosen the door pulls (which I'll keep as they are so cute) and I slap on two coats without prior sanding. Bah, I don't bother with taping the glass either, I have a pretty steady hand and will just wipe any mistakes off the glass before the paint dries, it'll be quicker. But you could use masking tape if you wanted to.

AS Graphite

Meanwhile, the new 'glass' arrives and I slot it in place fixing the original beading back with three tiny nails on the two sides I had removed. You just coudn't tell it's not glass and is a cool match to the other panels, I'm very pleased.

And here it is, after a light coat of wax. No buffing as I want to keep its matt aspect. On the landing where it fits perfectly. Lovely, classic, very chic, non?


My favourite novels are now nice and snug and will be dust-free! A 70s exploitation film poster, a deer antler, a rustic jar and a colourful rug liven up this corner where different shades of grey ensure a timeless look. The house is slowly taking shape... 

Multicoloured Rug

I love the rich texture and the multi tones chalk paint produces.

Gray Vase and Antler

A deer antler just resting on its side looks like driftwood, and somehow calls for more displays from nature. I'm now on the lookout for some greenery that will complement this space.

Deer Antler

I left the inside of the cabinet as it was. The piece is oak and I think its dark tint worked well enough with the dark grey on the outer. Do you paint the inside of your cupboards? Do leave a comment below :)

The Landing


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