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Shortly after buying this pair of oversized armchairs at a street market near Paris where we lived, we moved into a rented flat in Germany. I had no workshop there and held down a job as a web designer, so I never got round to doing anything with them. Well, that's my excuse anyway. The fact is, that, despite being hopelessly attracted to them, I was equally daunted by their imposing size and style. How was I to go about them? Keep their leather backs and huge decorative nails? Tint the wood a dark shade? Fit a rich velvet fabric to reflect their grandeur? To tell you the truth, I was never quite sure...


But on this fine sunny day, I am in a playful mood and let inspiration take me into a very different direction: if they must be chic, they shall be boho chic. Bold and fun, green, cream and gold are on my palette. I begin with stripping the chair.

Bare Frame

I choose Antibes Green from the Annie Sloan's range, a vibrant, sunny green often seen on country furniture in the South of France, and add gold traces here and there.

Antibes Green

Touches of Cream help give lightness to the chairs.

Antibes Green and Cream

I apply - very badly - fake gold leaf to enhance the details at the top of the backs. This is my first attempt at gilding, it's rather messy, and I suppose it takes a knack but I'm not going for perfection here. Quite on the contrary, it will go with the antiqued look I will give the piece.

Gold Leaf Detail

 I apply dark wax to the gold leaf to soften the brightness and give it an aged look. 

Gold Leaf Detail Antiqued

Working on the seats, jute webbing and hessian go first.

Base Hessian

These ugly ducklings are slowly becoming swans. A quick glimpse at the paint waxed with black wax. All will be revealed soon! Well, as soon as I find the perfect top cover for them...

Black Wax on Antibes Green

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