How to fix a sagging chair

I love this armchair, but I confess that I had been neglecting it. The feet were dirty and scratched and the seat had been sagging more and more dangerously. It was high time for some TLC. I revived the wooden feet with a homemade reviver (see recipe here) and now, I must tackle this sagging before the leather rips.

Sagging SeatI want to keep the original leather intact, and I've got a hunch that my problem can be tackled from underneath, so I turn the chair over and remove the bottom cloth. The webbing has disintegrated and with nothing supporting them, the coil springs are running riot.

Broken Webbing

I cut away all the webbing and staple new strips in place. Next, I tie each spring base in three points using a curved needle and jute string, so they are firmly held in place and can work as a unit again. I use one length of string but I suppose the knots could be tied individually.

Lashing The Spings Onto New Webbing

Springs Are Secured

The seat is plumped up and the chair comfortable to use again. This is a great way to salvage an old armchair and to preserve its top cover.

Plumped Up Seat

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