Upholstery Tuesday - Part II

After a couple of weeks not sticking to our schedule because of holidays, illness, builders, to name but a few, we are back on track with upholstery Tuesday! Meanwhile, the weather has turned too wet and cold to allow us to work outside and we're having to set up camp in my tiny workshop, where there is really only room for one. I am waiting for a quote to have a larger space built at the bottom of the garden as we speak, so hopefully, it won't be too long before I have a proper workshop. But these things take time and money...

As a reminder, Claire has been working on this gorgeous oak chair she found abandoned on a bridge. Last time, she fitted the jute webbing, the base hessian and finished with some bridle ties ready for the grey hair stuffing. While I tacked down my chair back to its bare bones. You can read Upholstery Tuesday - Part I here.

Claire chair 2

This time, Claire shaped her seat with grey hair - reluctantly, she said it was like touching an old hairy man's chest! - and was soon ready to fit calico and top cover. For an example of these stages, you can refer to The Rescued Habeo Chair post here.

After strengthening my chair with wood filler, it was now ready for jute webbing. This is the point where I came to realise that I only have one set of tools which limits the jobs we can do at the same time. I let Claire get on with the upholstery hammer as she was so close to finishing her chair. She was also getting to the trickier stage of folding corners on the top cover which required a closer overlook on my part. So, it worked out all right in the end, but I know now that I will have to invest in getting a few duplicate tools at some point, especially when other friends have expressed an interest to join in...

But look at this! Claire did finish her chair indeed, and she was beaming with the results! Her family are delighted with her work as well. She chose this luxurious floral fabric which compliments the chair and her decor. Next, she's ready to work on a gorgeous 1950's chair and I must get on with finishing mine, but I shan't be too harsh on myself! Watch this space...

Claire chair 3

Claire chair 1

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