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My Dad and I were going through some old photographs when he showed me a passport photo of my Mum that he cherished. My Mum did look so pretty! Unfortunately, the picture was extremely damaged with big cracks all over, as it often happens with such old prints. I wrapped the precious snap and took it away with me, as I had an idea for a Christmas present...

Mum Photo Before

There is something about old photographs, isn't there? Even passport mugshots looked good! I scanned the photo and meticulously worked on it, using Photoshop - a software for the treatment of photographs. It took a while but I think I managed to rescue this lovely portrait of my Mum.

Mum After

This charming little Art Nouveau heart-shaped frame is just the thing for it. It can be tricky to come up with a suitable present for an old man, but I am sure my Dad will be thrilled to receive the repaired picture of his lost love for Christmas.

Mum Framed

Mum Framed

I have to admit that I have been busy on non-Christmassy projects lately, notably working on my son's bedroom, and designing a website in all urgency for some clients. As a result, Christmas has been magically postponed by about a month in my wishful-thinking mind... Which has left me in a panic, realising how far behind I am with preparations! I have presents to make, cards to send... I am feeling slightly overwhelmed. Still, I managed to put our Christmas tree up, so Santa won't be as disorientated as me! Some greenery married to dried poppy seeds in a vase and a few pine cones are a quick and easy way to add a seasonal feel to a room.

Christmas Lounge

I went for a traditional Norway Spruce, which is great value and has a wonderfully strong pine scent. It instantly brought some festive spirit into our living room. I thought it was pretty as it was, and didn't want to hide it completely under heavy decorations. I kept it simple with just one gold tinsel, one gold pearl chain, and just a few baubles...

Christmas Tree 2016

My husband had been up in the loft insulating and laying floorboards down - thus creating useful storage for all my junk - when he came down with a box of old and forgotten Christmas decorations. In there, we discovered these gorgeous velvet and pearl baubles that added the boho touch I had been looking for.

Blue Bauble 

Red Bauble



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